#boutofbooks Day 5 Update

Bout of Books

Even though I had a bit of a lull during the middle part of my day, it was a bit more successful than yesterday.  I was able to get a bit more into The Fault in Our Stars and I enjoyed what I read today and can see myself getting engrossed with the book.  I also got a bit more further in A Tale of Two Cities and I will try to finish it in the morning, after the chat, if I am up at that time.

I read about 103 pages, which isn't too bad, but I realized that I could have read a bit more.  I have read 574 pages since Monday and have about 426 till I hit my goal.  I can see if I read a bunch over Saturday and Sunday to hit it and I hope I can, especially with some not so great weather in the forecast over the next couple of days. Till tomorrow.


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