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Venetian Blood - Christine Evelyn Volker

Title: Venetian Blood: Murder in a Sensuous City Author: Christine Evelyn Volker Pages: 329 Published: 2017 Genre: Mystery Edition: E-book Source: Personal library Description: To escape a failing marriage, Anna Lucia Lottol goes to Venice to visit an old friend-and becomes a suspect in a brutal murder echoing a gruesome homicide that happened decades ago. Fearful of foreign justice and hoping to prove her innocence, she gathers clues before the real murderer comes for her. At the climax of her journey, she discovers a secret that will change her life. (via Goodreads) Thoughts: I really enjoyed the engrossing nature of the book, but for whatever reason I just was unable to connect with the book in a way that I really wanted to.  Partly I think it was that I felt that the beginning of the book happened a little too quick for my liking and I didn't like that there wasn't a set up for the murder.  As a result, I felt lost from the get go, even though by the end o

2017 Thankfully Reading Weekend

I am going to do this again, since I have most of the weekend off (have bookclub on Saturday and a shift at my job on Sunday). I am going to work a few books, but mainly Venetian Blood by Christine Evelyn Volker and Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese.  I will also read Outlander.   I will read a combination of print and ebook, but mainly print. Hope you all have a great weekend of reading.

Wanderers No More - Michelle Saftich

Title: Wanderers No More (Port of No Return Book 2) Author: Michelle Saftich Pages: 303 Published: 2017 Genre: Historical Fiction Edition: E-Book Source: I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. Description:  The war may be over, but the fight to belong is just beginning. Left homeless, starving, and almost killed by the Second World War, the Saforo family are refugees fleeing Italy for a better life. The shores of Australia are calling to them and they head off, packing dreams of jobs, a home and … soccer. But from the moment they get off the boat, adapting to the Australian way of life is harder than it seems. Their family doesn’t speak right, eat right or even look right. As they struggle to build a simple life against the backdrop of 1950s racism, they start to wonder if they will be outsiders forever. A true family affair, Wanderers No More will make you laugh, remind you of your family