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Tag for Time to Relax read-a-thon

Here is a tag for the read-a-thon that I am hosting on December 4 & 5. Feel free to upload it to you blog and link back to my blog: Thanks to Michelle from The True Book Addict for designing the wonderful tag! If you want to sign up, you can do so here: I look forward to the read-a-thon and am very excited about hosting my first one! Hope that more of you can join me.

Time to Relax read-a-thon

I am officially announcing my first readathon. It will be taking place on December 4 & 5 and will not have a specific time limit. You can read for as much or as little as you wish to. One thing I would like for people to do is to donate either some money or toys to your local Christmas Bureau. You can donate as much or as little as you wish to. If somebody can make a tag for the readathon, I would appreciate it. Also note, this being done for the pure enjoyment of reading over a couple of days, while the hectic Christmas season is under way, and to take some time to enjoy a book. Please sign up and I look forward to seeing the first weekend in December. The tag can be found here .


I know several people were interested in a readathon that I was planning on hosting in November. Unfortunately that is not going to happen. I have every Saturday booked for November and the only other dates available to me are November 11 and possible November 19. I realize that many of you will not have the 11th off, unless you live in Canada and that Fridays aren't not an option for a number of people due to work conflicts, etc. So I want to do one in December if possible. Then again, I could probably just set a date and just do it. Then again I do have the 30th open...


A few days ago, I was looking around for some free audiobooks. For those that don't know, I am on disability and therefore on a limited income and need to find ways to save money. And while I love reading books, I also love listening to podcasts, primarily ones on books and sports. So back to finding free audiobooks. While my library system has a way of getting free audiobooks, one can't always have them when I want to. So through a google search or a mention of something on a blog, I went to LibriVox and found a wealth of books that were available for free download. While the books that are available are only ones that are in the public domain, they are a good option for those that want to listen to a audiobook rather than pay everytime you want an audiobook. You can find them here . Enjoy!

Reading update

Despite the fact that I haven't been updating my blog, I have been reading. I just haven't been reading as much as I had hoped to. I think I am half-way to my goal of 50 books at the moment and will get as close as I can. Hope you are all well and reading lots.

Halloween Read-a-thon Second Update

So here is my second update. Have done quite a bit of reading, but things have conspired to allow me not read for long stretches of time. Wish that it was a less busy weekend, but I am getting as much as I can do. Quite enjoying the format. Toodles

Halloween Read-a-thon First Update

In my estimation, I am not doing so great. While I have read quite a bit today (Friday), I haven't had a long sustained effort. I realize that its informal and that it takes over 3 days, I want to have a sustained effort and with a busy day tomorrow and a somewhat busy day on Sunday with church and with grocery shopping, I don't honestly see anything constructive happening until sometime on Sunday late afternoon or evening. I will probably spend the next few hours reading. Hopefully there will be an update sometime tomorrow.

Halloween Read-a-thon

Participating in the Halloween read-a-thon.