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Waking Isabella - Melissa Muldoon

Book Title :  Waking Isabella: Because beauty can't sleep forever by Melissa Muldoon Category :  Adult Fiction,  250  pages Genre : General Fiction Publisher :  Matta Press Release date :  December 2017 Content Rating : PG-13 + M ( The story begins with violent rape and murder scene, touches on themes of miscarriage, murder, Nazi violence during war, adultery) FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review. Description: Waking Isabella is a story about uncovering hidden beauty that, over time, has been lost, erased, or suppressed. It also weaves together several love stories as well as a few mysteries. Nora, an assistant researcher, is a catalyst for resolving the puzzle of a painting that has been missing for decades. Set in Arezzo, a small Tuscan town, the plot unfolds against the backdrop of the city’s antique trade and the fanfare and pageantry of its medieval jousting festival. While filming a documentary about Isabel