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1 - True Light ; Terri Blackstock

True Light ; Terri Blackstock Blackstock's third novel in the Restoration series is slow-moving in the first half, but the pace picks up considerably in the second. The Branning family and their neighbors are now eight months into a worldwide blackout, trying to make ends meet and survive one crisis after another as violence rips their community apart. With the sheriff and his deputies desperately overworked and earning only a tiny fraction of their former pay, they can no longer keep their overcrowded, disease-ridden county jail under control. That means that it's up to Deni Branning to help clear the name of boy-next-door love interest Mark Green when he's wrongly accused of attempted murder. My thoughts: As the second last book in this particular series, I found it a little slow moving at times, but still interesting. There were points in the book in which the book was a little too predictable, but at the same time there were some great messages, particularly the