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#writeonreiew Sign up

I've had a bunch of reviews that need to be written rough form and since I'll have time tomorrow and probably won't want to do much else after being up for the Readathon, this will be the perfect activity to do.  Look forward to joining tomorrow :)

#readathon Update No 1

Since my work schedule has gotten in the way of me doing a complete readathon, I am doing it in chunks.  So for my first chunk, I read from the start at 5 am PT until about noon PT.  I got about 123 pages read and managed to complete The Narrow Road to the Deep North.  And then I took a bit of a break to get myself ready for my shift. For the next chunk, I will probably do it from about midnight PT until 5 am PT.   I'll probably read Horrorstor. 

24 Hour Readathon Spring 2015 Sign-up and Book Stack

As I look at the time on my PVR, I am realizing that it is almost time for the Readathon to start and I need to get to bed, if I wish to wake up at 5 am. With that in mind, I will be short and sweet with this post.  This year is a little different for me since I got a new job in the last week and a half and can only read for a portion of the readathon this time around.  But still I will participate when I can. So here are my books: The Narrow Road to the Deep North (finish) Vanessa & Her Sister Moon over Manifest Horrorstor I am also going to watch some movies or TV as I read.  Happy Reading :)

Sit Down and Write 6 #sitdownandwrite

I realize that I am a bit late in signing up for this, but better late than not participating.  I am doing this because I have a number of book reviews to work on.  I hope that I can catch up on most, if not all of the books that I have to review. Hopefully some of these reviews will appear here in the coming days.  Happy writing.