Venetian Blood - Christine Evelyn Volker

Title: Venetian Blood: Murder in a Sensuous City
Author: Christine Evelyn Volker
Pages: 329
Published: 2017
Genre: Mystery
Edition: E-book
Source: Personal library

Description: To escape a failing marriage, Anna Lucia Lottol goes to Venice to visit an old friend-and becomes a suspect in a brutal murder echoing a gruesome homicide that happened decades ago. Fearful of foreign justice and hoping to prove her innocence, she gathers clues before the real murderer comes for her. At the climax of her journey, she discovers a secret that will change her life. (via Goodreads)

Thoughts: I really enjoyed the engrossing nature of the book, but for whatever reason I just was unable to connect with the book in a way that I really wanted to.  Partly I think it was that I felt that the beginning of the book happened a little too quick for my liking and I didn't like that there wasn't a set up for the murder.  As a result, I felt lost from the get go, even though by the end of the book I was able to connect better with the story.

As I read the book, I really struggled to understand what was going on and therefore I struggled at time to get through it.
Part of the reason that I disappointed with the book and had frustrations with reading it was that I had different expectations of the story that were clearly not there. 

But I did enjoy the description of Venice itself and felt as though I was there in the city myself, even though I have never been to Venice myself.  I also liked that it wasn't just your standard mystery; there was emotional depth to the book and created empathy for Anna and how she wanted to move on with her life and have the ghosts of her past disappear.

Bottom line: It was an okay read, as there were time that the book dragged itself along, but there were also times that the book was engaging.  I felt that the ending could have been a few pages shorter.  But overall it was a decent read and something that may need a re-read in the future.  Recommended.

Rating:  3/5


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