#boutofbooks 10 Wrap-Up Post

Bout of Books

It was a pretty good read-a-thon for me, even though at the start it was a bit slow for my liking; I seemed to pick up steam during the final two days and especially the final day.

I was able to finish 3 books and pretty close to 4 books during the week long read-a-thon (I finished The Fault in Our Stars on Monday afternoon).  I ended up reading about 216 pages on the final day, for a 7 day total of 919 pages read.  I was a little disappointed that I didn't reach my goal of reading 1,000 pages, but I was about 80 pages off.  Not too shabby.

I am looking forward to Bout of Books 11 and am planning what I will read during that time; maybe a good thick Margaret Atwood novel, maybe Cat's Eye or maybe The Handmaid's Tale?  Anyways, I will have something ready for me to read during that read-a-thon.  Hope to see you in August.


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