#boutofbooks 10 Goals

Bout of Books

I am getting a little excited and am really looking forward to Bout of Books 10!

Here are the books I would like to read/work on during the week:
  •  A Tale of Two Cities
  •  Frog Music
  •  The Fault in our Stars
  •  The Bear
  •  His Majesty's Hope
  •  War & Peace
  •  The Count of Monte Cristo
  •  The Woman in White
  •  Bittersweet

My goals are to:
  • complete at least 3 books
  • read about 1000 pages
  • participate in at least one twitter chat

I don't know if I'll do a mini-challenge, but I'll see if time permits and if I remember.

As for keeping track of pages, I have a notebook in which I am going to keep track of how many pages I have read, especially since I am reading from multiple books.


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