Sunday Salon - Edging closer

It is hard to believe that in about 2 months time, it will be a new year.  And even though we still have about 8 weeks left and there's a lot of time for things to happen, there has been a lot that has happened this past year, not only in terms of world events, but also in terms of my own  personal life.  Its sometimes hard to sit back and have the time to really reflect on what has happened over the course of the year, but when one has really has the chance to, especially this close to the end of a calendar year, one should. 

As we speak, I am one book away from equaling the same number of books that I read last year.  Granted a few of the books that I finished early in January, I started in late December, but still they were finished this, so I digress. But I don't know I will get to my goal of 50 books read, which I have wanted to do for a number of years.  I have almost read 15,000 pages (I am under 2,000 pages left), which I haven't achieved in a number of years.  Granted I did read a number of books that were 500+, but still I read them, but there is a strong likelyhood that I will achieve that goal.

As I think about the type of books that I have read, there has been a wide variety, with a large portion being fiction.  I have read more non-fiction than in previous years.

But there still is 8 weeks to the end of the year and a lot can happen in that time.  Hope you have a good Sunday.

1. Frankenstein
2. Little House in the Big Woods


Aarti said…
I always love the end of the year wrap-up posts that bloggers put up, and to see how reading changes over time. I think this year I read many more female authors than I did previously because I've been very cognizant of trying to learn more about feminism and the role of women, historically.
I like to reflect on the previous year, too. It helps me figure out how to go about the New Year. I know that I'm reading a lot more books than I was pre-blogging. I like having a place to review them (other than Amazon/Goodreads), and to have more people reading them.

Thanks for visiting my Sunday Salon.
Ivana said…
I don't keep that close a count of books read (I don't have a complete list) because I read many books that I don't necessarily review or even mention on my blog. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you reach your reading goals. You're right-so many things can happen in 8 weeks :)

Thank you for visiting my blog!
It is very weird to think the end of the year is only weeks away. I sounds like you've had a good year as far as books and reading go. Hope 2012 is just as good. Hope you have a great week.

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