Musing Mondays (Nov.28)

This week MizB at Should Be Reading asks:

Will you be buying books for the holidays, this year? If so, for whom, and why?

 Yes I will be doing so.  I will be purchasing books for my dad and my sister.  The reason being is that its a fairly inexpensive gift to give and I am looking forward to their reactions in about a month.  My mom is going to get something book related.


Buying books for people is great. But like you said, you never know if they are going to read the book or not. But, one day they might get bored and decide to see what it's about. LOL Wishful thinking.
caite said…
It is a good gift if they are not big readers and you know they have not read it...but that is a problem for the people I buy gifts for.
Anonymous said…
Most of my family are readers...
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Vicky said…
Unfortunately most of my friends aren't as keen on books/reading as I am so I'm never sure whether I should give them books or not. There's always that worry that they're not going to read it. :(

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Amy said…
Great question and even better answer! It's tough buying books for people sometimes, the only person I have figured out so far is my daughter. But she is two, so that's an easy one I guess. :)

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