First Chapter - First Paragaph(s) - Tuesday Intros

This week's choice:
What Alice Knew by Paula Marantz Cohen
Originally published August 5, 2010

Henry James was drunk.
     The room in where he was dining looked familiar, but he could not place it.  There was an oak sideboard, elaborately carved, and a cupboard containing a collection of fine porcelains.  The plate was bone china, the silver heavy and apparently old.  There was a landscape (was it Corot?) near the door, a set of prints (Rowlandson?) on the side wall, and a portrait by someone of talent over the mantel.  It was a good house, though how good was a matter of whether the portrait was by van Dyck of an esteemed ancestor or by Sargent of a more contemporary personage  (he was too bleary-eyed to look), and whether the silver had been passed down or purchased secondhand.


JoAnn said…
Henry James got me... I'd keep reading. Hope you are enjoying the book.
DCMetroreader said…
I'm not much for period pieces so I don't think this is for me, but thanks for spotlighting it!
Oh yes, I would read a few more pages. enjoy

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