Sunday Salon - Iffy week of reading

This week has been weird, in the sense that a bunch of reading stuff that has come up that was not great. While it may seem great to get a lot of books from the library, it wasn't.  I picked up a bunch of requests from the library on Thursday, but sadly the vast majority of them are 2 weeks and there is no way that I can possibly get through them.  But that wasn't the least of my issues.

The big issue I was was that I had was with a book that I had gotten a little bit wet after laying it on a towel for a few minutes.  I tried to return the book, but because of the fact that there might be "mold issues" with the book, I just told them that I would take it and pay for it later.  While I am not happy about the prospect of paying for a book that I just wanted to return, I suppose for the health of somebody who might get an allergic reaction from the "mold" (I don't understand how a book can get moldly; musty I can understand) its for the best.

On the good side of things, I got two books completed this week and am hoping to get more done this coming week.  Happy reading.


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