Sunday Salon - A busy month of reading

I pondered many things as to what to write today and couldn't think of one thing that would be relevant and timely, but nonetheless here I am with something that I think that most people have posted about, but I needed something.

July was a great month of reading for me, granted I needed to get these books done. But nonetheless it was a busy month of reading for me.  I completed 5 books and 2540 pages this month.  I am not as optimistic for August, as I won't like have many paper copies of books on me due to my vacation plans for this month and the fact that I don't exactly like having library books around water (I got a library book slightly wet and because of the potential for "mold", I just will pay for the book; I don't know how a book can get moldy from it lying on a towel for a little while) and hence I probably won't have many library books on me and the fact that I just can't bring that many books up with me on Greyhound later this week and a lot of them are due later this week.  But I will bring something with me and yes, I will be very careful when I am around water with them.

1) Graceling by Kristin Cashore (review)
2) The Turning of Anne Merrick by Christine Belvins (review)


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