Sunday Salon - Right Now (12/22/13)

I hope some, if not all, of you are finally able to relax and take sometime with your family and/or friends.

Time:  5:24 pm Pacific
Place: Home, in the same place I was last week.
Listening to: Listened to a couple of podcasts this morning (one was a book podcast and the other was a history podcast)
Eating: a salad.  I am off to church in a bit and just came back from seeing the middle Hobbit movie and needed something to eat, other than candy.
Watching: the Canucks/Winnipeg Jets game.
Reading: Read a bit of War & Peace while waiting for the movie to start this afternoon; its great having a book app on my phone (mine is Kobo)
Making: Other than a bunch of mess, nothing much, although I decided that making Waikiki Meatballs was a great idea at 11 pm yesterday (the meatballs were premade)
Planning: What to pack for my short Christmas trip to the mountains
Feeling: Rushed.  That could also be the caffeine talking, but I am feeling rather rushed with all that I need to do before I leave for my mini-break from home for a few days.
Loving:  That I will have a white Christmas; hopefully it won't be as cold as last years and that I will be able to see my sister for the first time since a Skype chat in October (or was it November).  In otherwords, its been sometime since I last saw her.
Wanting: To calm down. I have been feeling anxious for the last few days and it seems that the harder I try to calm down, the more I feel anxious.
Thinking:  Not much, other than how I am going to get packing done, which will be done by tomorrow morning.
Looking forward to: Spending time with my parents and sister and the pressies that await me.

• The Dogs of Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron (review)


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