Sunday Salon - Right now (12/15/13)

As I write this, I am still waking up, despite the fact that I have been up for about 3 hours.  Because I can't think of anything as a result, I am going to do the right now questionnaire that I have done in the past.

Time : 12:03 pm

Place : sitting in the blue chair watching the Seahawks/Giants game

Listening to : The History of Byzantium podcast.  If you listened to The History of Rome podcast, you will be interested in this one.

Eating : Haven't eaten yet, but I am planning on making some brunch after I finish this.

Watching : First finished up last night's Canucks/Bruins game and am now watching the Seahawks/Giants game.

Reading :  Not much at the moment.  I have been reading The Dogs of Christmas and am hoping to finish it this coming week

Making : Not much, other than the few blog posts that I have put up lately

Planning : When to go to the library this afternoon

Feeling : Tired; had a late couple of nights catching up on Canucks games on my PVR and am now paying for that.

Loving : That as of next weekend I will be off for the two weeks after this

Wanting : It to be Christmas break now.

Thinking : Whether I am going to see the new Hobbit movie next Friday or Saturday or if want to go and see something else

 Looking forward to : A white Christmas.

• Love Actually (movie review)
• The Holiday (movie review)


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