Sunday Salon - What a week!

What a week it has been!  Glad that week is finally done!

It was indeed a busy week for me, as I had to get my library account basically divested of any remaining materials that I had on hand and return them and in fact I have 2 materials checked out between the three library accounts I have (one I haven't had books out from in years) and the materials that I do have are from the same library (there is a reason for this and you will understand why in a couple of weeks).  And this meant a lot of reading and not putting up blog posts, although somehow I managed to put up quite a few in the meantime (don't know how that happened).

One was an ebook that was nearing the end of my accessibility and the others were physical library materials that needed to be returned (one audiobook and 2 books) by the middle of the week, hence I was able to get most of what I wanted to get done, which was a miracle cause I was reading one of them until basically the bitter end and managed to finish it well before I left (it also meant for an early library drop-off the next morning due to the fact that I didn't have a car until late the previous night and made me a bit anxious as a result).

Basically it was a pretty good week of reading and with the library materials out of the way, I was able to start up on my some of my ebooks that have been neglected over the past few weeks and was able to start them.  I will start on some paper books in the next day or two, as one is a bookclub book (Sarah's Key) and the other is a library book (can't recall the title) and a couple are for readalongs that I have either neglected to start (East of Eden) or just didn't start (The Great Gatsby; should be easily completed as I am about half-way done) and the other physical book I brought I can't recall why I brought it along in the first place.

Anyways, I digress.  And yes, I did have a bit of a meltdown the other day, but I am trying to move on and just let people comment as they wish to.  Here are my reviews for the week (You can view the review by clicking on review),  a Sunday Salon post I put up on Tuesday (couldn't help myself!), and my start-up post for a Bleak House Read-a-long:

Reviews for this week:
• Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (review)
• The Kitchen Counter Cooking School: How a few simple lessons transformed nine culinary novices into fearless home cooks (review)
• 11/22/63 (review)
• My Life in France (review)

General posts:
• Sunday Salon - What is it with the fascination with the early 1960s?
Bleak House Read-a-long Staring line

Hope you all have a great Sunday and I look forward to hearing from you in the posts that I have linked up with.


AJ Carmicheal said…
The Sunday Salon looks like an interesting meme. My name is AJ Carmicheal and although I own 4 other sites, I'd like to participate in this meme for my personal site. How would I sign up?
You did have a busy week! I have to look at your review of 11-22-63, my post goes up this afternoon... finished it last night
I read Sarah's Key for my last bookclub and it was really good. Actually, I read it by accident since I grabbed the wrong book when leaving the house in a rush ... after my disappointment went away (over my own stupidity), I found I really enjoyed the new read! Hope you like it. :)
A Sunday Salon on a Tuesday?!!!? What the hey! ;)

I've been getting more into e-books from the library lately, especially since I got a library card in Philadelphia (even though I don't live there). Their e-book selection is vaster than what our library has.
Melissa said…
@AJ, you can just go to their facebook account and start posting.

@unfinishedperson Here in BC where I live, one only has one place to get library ebooks from, at least if you are in the outreaches of Vancouver and Victoria (BC's main city centres), but I think even then they are tied to Download BC. The reason for the Tuesday Sunday Salon post was because I needed to get it out and I just couldn't wait until Sunday!
That's all right. I wasn't seriously judging you. :)
Melissa said…
@Unfinished I figured you weren't ;)
Andi said…
I keep hearing good things about this one, and your review cinches it . . . onto the list it goes. Thanks.
Harvee said…
Two cooking books! The Cooking School looks like a good story.
Laura Armstrong said…
it's nice to be busy reading... nice to find fun books at the library, too!! Enjoy!! Here's my Sunday: Colorimetry
Brooke said…
Sarah's Key is such a great book. My book club loved it and we had one of our best discussions with that novel. Have a great week!

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