February Prompt - A Classics Challenge

For this month's prompt on Nov, we are be asked to write about a character that we find interesting.  This month I have chosen Konstantin Levin from Anna Karenina.

I am going to answer a combination of Level 1 and Level 2 questions.

My first impressions of Konstantin Levin is of somebody who doesn't enjoy being in the city and is clearly a person who feels pressed in when visiting his friend, Stepan Arkadyevich and somebody who prefers to be on his country estate and getting his hands dirty and not in a fancy home somewhere not doing things with his hands.

I have actually grown to like Levin and even though I think that he can be a bit awkward socially in that he would rather be by himself rather than around the social elite of St. Petersburg and Moscow and like my protagonists to be a little more socially attuned.  I find him to be totally believable because he sounds a lot myself, in which I would rather be with a few selected friends rather than amongst people that I really am not comfortable around.  I would also rather be in a space that is somewhat out of the way rather than in a place that is constantly busy, although I do like being in a place that is close to stores and activity so that when I do need it, I can easily access it. Like Levin, I would also rather be around books than people and find that being around people rather difficult.  I would like to meet him; he seems to be what one calls an old soul, as he is not really concerned about the things of the here and now and more concerned about things that require thought and study.


Jacqui said…
I've also chosen to read Anna Karenina for this challenge, but I haven't been game to pick up the tome yet!
Debbie said…
From what you've told us so far, Levin seems like a character I'd like to read about.

Do I need biceps for this book?
Karen said…
I didn't like Levin at first. He came across as a little bit stiff and a little arrogant. That soon went away though and he became my favourite character of the book.
Jillian said…
I like Levin a lot too. I still need to finish this book! :)

Have a great week, Melissa.

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