Booking Through Thursday - Only five

Booking Through Thursday asks this week:

If you had to pick only 5 books to read ever again, what would they be and why?

The five I would choose are:

• Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte:  It was my first classic novel and the first book that I really fell in love with and something that every time I reread fall in love with all over again.

• East of Eden by John Steinbeck: There is something that keeps drawing me back to this book and the two times that I have read the book I have found something new with the book.  And the story is so well told that once I get into it, I can't stop reading it.

• Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy: The story is very well told and engrossing to the point that I am starting to see why one of my very good friends really enjoys the book.

• Les Miserables by Victor Hugo: Even though I have had complaints about the start of the book, I am starting to really enjoy this book and can clearly see why a lot of people enjoy this book.

• Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling: I don't know why I choose this book in particular but I think its because the book still has that child-like manner of the first two books in the Harry Potter series, but has that element of darkness that seems to invade the last four books in the series.  Its almost an end to the innocence of Harry and a reality check that things are going to get darker in the coming years.


Boriquaz said…
The classics are always a good choice, I don't know why I didn't pick one, maybe I should have. But maybe I could just write it doen since I know some of them it would be the same as having the book. Here's my BTT.

Happy Reading!
Cathy @ Addicted to Books
Josette said…
I love your list and what we have in common are two of the books - Jane Eyre and Harry Potter!

I'm also looking forward to reading Les Miserables. Loved the movie starring Claire Danes. :)
Good choices.

I picked a mix of classics and contemporary. Here's MY THURSDAY MEMES POST
Wonderful Choices!

Here is my BTT: Only Five post!
A great list of books.

here's mine:
DawnTreader said…
I like your choices. I had one of the Harry Potter books on my list too.
Burgandy Ice said…
Good choices... classics hold some real depth, so you can reread 'em, plus you got a Harry Potter. Good to go!

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