Sunday Salon - Me and foodie books

I don't know why but I am on a foodie book craze.  I think its in no part due to the fact that I am seeing so many of these types of books pop up in the last year or so and probably due to Julie and Julia and the success of the movie of the same title, which I have watch a number of times and is one of my favourite movies about food, right along there with Ratatouille.

It probably has something to also to do with the fact that I really want to cut down on the money that I spend on food and the fact that I am on a elimination diet to see if I have any food allergies (I had an outbreak of hives about a month ago, that weren't itchy and bumpy) and have started to realize that the vast majority of food that I get are full of salt and sugar and really want to reduce the amount that I eat (trust me after a week of chicken, white rice, white fish, potatoes, and dark green veggies sugar becomes really sweet and I try not to touch it as much).  After reading most of The Kitchen Counter School, I have started to realize that really for pennies, I can probably make most of the things that I eat and spend less on the food that I get at the grocery store.  And probably eat healthier to boot!

This is all to say that I am really enjoying the foodie books that I am currently reading, including Julia Child's My Life in France, which I highly recommend, even if you don't know how to cook.

Hope you all have an excellent and restful Sunday.

Books reviewed since my last Salon post:
The Gift
The Marriage Plot
The Cat's Table
The Help
The Scarlet Letter
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


I think reading Kitchen Counter has changed me; I feel like I cook more and cook more casually and that's a good thing.

Glad you are enjoying this reading streak.
I also loved Julie & Julia...and now that you remind me, I may just watch it again!

Hope you love The Help.

Trish said…
I checked out the whole chickens at the grocery yesterday and she's right--they're cheap! But I don't like dark meat... Next month hub and I are talking about eating completely homemade for a month. Think we're crazy! :)

Happy Sunday!

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