Musing Mondays (Feb. 13)

Should be Reading asks this week:

What is your favourite romantic book -- or book that includes a love story? (an adult romance, young adult, kid's story, anything)

My favourite romantic book/story is Jane Eyre.  While the book is fairly dark and the story probably not plausible, its just such a romantic story between Jane and the brooding Mr. Rochester. 


Monaliz said…
I still haven't been able to read Jane Eyre, even though I've meant to read it for years now!

Thanks for sharing, I'm a new follower! :)

Here's my musings!

Monaliz @ Mind Reading?
JC Jones said…
Good choice. I did not think about the classic's when I picked but they cannot be beat for a good love story.
Gigi Ann said…
I loved Jane Eyre also, but I chose two different classics as my favorites. I didn't even think of modern day romance books.
Amy said…
Great choice! As a huge fan of all things romance, I am so checking out this one - thank you for sharing! :)

Here’s mine:

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