Saturday Snapshot (Dec.24)

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I took this photo with my new phone (gave myself a nice pressie a few days early and my old cell had a number that was sticking).  My mom decorated the tree and this will be the last year that she will put my sister and mine decorations onto the tree.  And as usual it looks very nice and very homey, especially with the presents below (and on) the tree, waiting to be opened in less than 36 hours from this post.


Louise said…
What a lovely tree.
Such a pretty tree. Merry Christmas.
Gorgeous tree! Thanks for sharing, and Merry Christmas.

bermudaonion said…
It's a beautiful tree!
Anonymous said…
A beautiful tree.

When our children were small, I started a tradition of buying them an ornament each year. As they grew, their ornament collection grew and we put many of them on the tree. When they left home, they got their ornaments for their first tree of their own. They were pleased to have the ornaments for their tree.
Elizabeth said…
A very lovely tree...Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!
Leslie said…
So pretty! Have a Merry Christmas and hope there are lots of nice presents for you under that tree.
very pretty! I love a homey tree...that's what Christmas is all about for me :)
Alyce said…
I love the white lights! I've always wanted to do that but been outvoted. :)
Nise' said…
Gorgeous and very inviting. Merry Christmas.
Beautiful tree! I'm able to take the majority of my photos with my iPhone, so I highly recommend the Instagram app. It wasn't the best app a few months ago, but I think it's been improved. Enjoy!
Bev Hankins said…
The tree looks wonderful! Merry Christmas!

Here's my snapshot:

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