Read Canadian Award Winners 2012 Challenge

This one caught my eye because a lot of the award challenges tend to focus on the American or the British Literary Awards, even though some of them do tend to allow you to put any literary awards you wish to use.

Here are the details for the challenge: 
Read Canadian Award Winners 2012 Challenge

Here’s the scoop on the ways you can enter:

• Toe-dipper: one book from the list of award winners of each of “main” prizes: the Governor-General’s Award, the Giller Prize, and the CAA Prize. (Total 3 books)

• Chance-taker: one book from each of the “main” lists plus one from the First Novel Award winners. (Total 4 books)

• Bluenoser: One book from each of the “main” lists plus one from the Atlantic Book Award winners. (Total 4 books)

• CanLit Lover: one book from each of the five lists. (Total 5 books)

Here’s a list of the prize winners:

Governor-General’s Award for Literature
Canadian Authors Association Award for Fiction
Giller Prize First Novel Award
Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Fiction Prize

P.S. Yes, crossovers with other challenges are allowed and you don’t have to choose your books now.
 I am going to attempt Toe-dipper.  You can find links to the book reviews on this page.


Debbie Rodgers said…
Welcome to the challenge, Jayne - and thanks for joining.

I do hope you enjoy your dip into CanLit in 2012. :-)
Debbie Rodgers said…
oops - Melissa - sorry!
Hi Melissa. I'm going to be doing a wrap-up post for this challenge in a couple of days and I'd be happy. to link to your wrap-up post. Please let me now the appropriate URL.

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