Reading Shakespeare: A Play a Month Challenge 2012

Risa over at Breadcrumb Reads figured that the best way to read the Shakespeare plays that she hadn’t studied in school would be to read the with others, and to have a read-along. Hence Reading Shakespeare: A Play a Month in 2012 was born. A poll held from 01 November 2011 till 01 December 2011 determined the 12 plays we would be reading in 2012.  Yes, this means that I am going to be cracking opening that big behemoth that is my Norton Shakespeare anthology to read the plays or maybe I could get a free copy on Gutenberg.

Here is the reading schedule:
January — A Midsummer Night’s Dream
February — Macbeth
March — Henry V
April — Much Ado About Nothing
May — Antony and Cleopatra
June — Richard III
July — As You Like It
August — King Lear
September — Cymbeline
October — Twelfth Night
November — Othello
December — Pericles


Risa said…
Hey there Melissa! Welcome to the Read-along. I hope you enjoy the experience. I absolutely excited about it! :D
Jillian said…
I'll be joining in for a couple of these plays. It's going to be a blast. :D

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