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Miz B of Should Be Reading asks this week: 

What types of nonfiction do you read?

I generally read a combination of memoir, biography, sports and history.  I do read some religious books, but its only in conjunction with my bible study group.


LibrarySnake said…
Memoirs are really iteresting :)

Here's mine:
Demijel said…
I really enjoy memoirs, especially if they're somewhat blunt, sarcastic, humorous and witty. Though, sometimes I'm not in the mood for them. I'm mostly a fiction type of person~ Thank you for sharing!

Demi @ Only Somewhat Queer
I like memoirs and the occasional biography too. The last memoir I read was TOUT SWEET by Karen Wheeler. It was pretty good. Thanks for sharing. :)
caite said…
I am not a big non-fiction fan either. In the past most of my non-fiction were reference books on various subjects... with the internet now, they tend to be out of date dust catchers.
I read some memoirs but for the most part, I don't read nonfiction. I'm afraid of the ending. Real life can be depressing sometimes.

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