Bout of Books 2.0 Starting Line

Starting Line
Onabookbender is hosting Bout of Books readathon again.  If you are interested, you can find more information here and can sign up here

Time Devoted to Reading
Judging from my week, it looks like I will be able to get in some reading each day.

My goals
I plan on finishing at least two books, maybe three.  I am trying to make more realistic goals this time around versus last time when I didn't.

My Books
• Captivity
• Frankenstein
• Rebel Angels

I will put up an individual post at the end of each day posting what I read and how many pages I read, along with my thoughts. 


Good luck with your goals and happy reading! :)
Anonymous said…
Have fun and good luck with your goals!
Jennifer said…
I second the good luck with your goals! Enjoy the books and any downtime you have. Happy reading!
Good luck with your goals! Looks like some great books.
Anonymous said…
Good luck! I always overestimate, too ... one of these days I'll be totally on the ball!
JJ iReads said…
Good luck with reaching your goal. Looks like you have books with lots of action/mystery in them. Those are the best to get through quicker.
You're going to do awesome!! :D
I'm doing this read-a-thon too! You have a good list. I read Captivity, but still haven't reviewed it. UGH! Rebel Angels is another I really want to read.

Have fun!

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