Booking Through Thursday - Hard

Booking Through Thursday asks this week:

What’s the hardest/most challenging book you’ve ever read? Was it worth the effort? Did you read it by choice or was it an assignment/obligation?

The hardest book that I have ever read and finished was East of Eden.  I read it by choice as the plot of the book sound intriguing and once I was able to get through it, it was definitely worth it; it is probably one of the best books that I have ever read.

The hardest book that I haven't completed would be Anna Karenina.  I have gotten through half of the book, but the descriptions of farm life were amazing and I am hoping to finish it in the near future, same goes for War & Peace, in which I just kinda gave up due to the fact that I had other things I needed to read.  I also need to read Crime and Punishment and I am somewhat dreading the denseness of the book.


Anonymous said…
Uh-oh! I have all those books on Mount To-Be-Read! I was already prepared for them to be challenging, but this doesn't bode well for some of them!

Here’s my Booking Through Thursday post. :)
MJ Thomas said…
I seldom read the classics anymore -- perhaps due to being force fed them in school. I had to laugh, though, as I invoked Steinbeck's name in my post as well.

I'm here.
Oh, Anna Karenina is on my wishlist! :) I hope it's not that hard though, haha.
Here's my BTT post :)
Vicky @ Books, Biscuits & Tea
Anonymous said…
Great books.

here's mine:
omg another person who thinks Anna Karenina is hard . . . hmmm . . . maybe I was lucky that my first go was for a college course? It's one of my all time favorite books.

Here's my btt --
Anya Millar said…
Classics are often hard as we just don't talk or think that way still.. that and they often seem to be sooooo boring, lol. I've only read part of your list.

Here's my BTT - House Millar series

Anonymous said…
I've started Crime & Punishment four-five times and never got past page 50. Good luck.
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah, Anna K is a long one for sure! I ADORED East of Eden. Glad you got through it!

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