Thankfully Reading Weekend: Mini-Challenge #2

The second challenge for Thankfully Reading Weekend is hosted by Beth Fish Reads. She asks us to:

“Share a photograph of your TBR pile or at least one bookshelf.”

This is one of the 4 bookshelves that are in my walk-in-closet.  This one is of my fiction books.  My dad took out the shelving that was intended for hanging clothes and put my books in here instead, since I had basically nowhere to put my books that I have purchased over the years.  There are three other bookshelves in the room that hold my DVD sets, my non-fiction books, my odds and ends books, and my books that are in a series.  I have books scattered about my room and apartment.


Anonymous said…
I love it! It is so fun to see everyone's shelf. A fellow reader appreciates every shelf, pile, stack, etc and if they are like me, they are jealous. :)
My TBR Shelf?
Beth F said…
I like the nice white lines of these shelves. I also like how homey they look because they aren't all perfectly lined up. Nice!
I love that you sacrificed clothes space for your books! It's nice to see a girl with her priorities in order.
I like these cubby-sort of shelves! Happy reading!
Anonymous said…
Love seeing everyone's shelves! That was a great idea utilizing the space in your walk in closet for book storage!
Gorgeous! Great use of space!

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