Don't know what to do

This afternoon I came across something in the #readathon hashtag on Twitter this afternoon that caught my interest (and my ire also). Somebody is also hosting a readathon that weekend and I am really upset. I realize that others do this at different times and will also do it in their own way on those days and I understand that. But my problem was that it was so blatanly publicized when I have been trying to get more people interested in the readathon. So the individual tweeted me back and asked if I could combine it with her's and eventually I said yes.

But it has got me thinking as to whether or not I should cancel it. I realize that I shouldn't be upset that somebody else is doing a readathon the same weekend, but its disappointing. I am very close to canceling my readathon, as this individual has apparently already booked the readathon hashtag. I will let you know what I decide to do, as I have a day off to think about it (its Remembrance Day here in Canada) and hopefully I can get some answers as to whether I should go forward with either canceling it or combining it with the other readathon that weekend or just to go ahead as planned and create my own hashtag for the readathon. Don't forget about the hunger readathon happening this weekend.

If you have any ideas as to what I should do, please let me know and I will take it in consideration.


Melissa, I totally understand your frustration. When I first started blogging last year, I received some great advice for when you want to plan/host a challenge, read-a-thon or some other event. Always do a search (Google, bing, etc) to see if anyone else is doing the same or something similar. When I had my fall read-a-thon, I made absolutely sure that no one else was having one. It looks like she just announced on 11/4 and she didn't do her homework on anyone else doing one (unless she planned it way far in advance, but I find that unlikely). If she would have done a search, yours would have popped up. You announced yours a few weeks ago, right? Listen, I would still host it if I were you. I wouldn't combine it with hers or cancel it. I will still participate and I will try to get more people to sign up. We can get more people signed up I'm sure. Technically, you can't "book" the #readathon hashtag so you could still use it too, but to differentiate, we could use #timetorelax as ours. Let me know what you think and I'll help you spread the word any way I can.

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