Library Loot October 31 - November 6

For a week that ended up being in the crapper, it was a week that I didn't really go to the library all that often.  But I did end up with some things.

Faith Like Potatoes
I was volunteering in my church library on Saturday evening when I saw this available on the DVD carousel.   I had seen this video a number of times when I had been shelving DVD's or taking them back to the desk to be checked in. From what I can understand its a pretty good movie and I hope I will enjoy it just as others have.

Picked up a bunch of books on Sunday afternoon, but for some reason, I don't want to turn the light on to see which ones I got. I know I got the newest Shopaholic book and from what I can gather, there seems to be another one in the works. Don't get me wrong, I have loved Sophie Kinsella's books, but for some reason I have the feeling that the adventures of Becky Brandon are getting a little tiresome for some. There are meant to be a light amusement, but after reading "Twenties Girl", I feel like I am going to be disappointed with the newest Shopaholic book. Maybe I should just bring the book back and see how I feel about borrowing it at a later date.

While most times I go to visit the library in Surrey are pretty much uneventful, last Sunday was quite the adventure, as I decided after my quick lunch to go the main Surrey mall and look for a tea ball. While I did eventually find one, I don't understand why I even thought it would be a good idea to go there, especially knowing the nature of the traffic there. I probably should have either looked around a little more for a tea ball (I found one that I preferred to the one I got on Thursday morning at a tea shop in my local mall) or should have gone straight home after having lunch. It was almost like I was obsessed to find that tea ball (essentially it is a small strainer to strain tea leaves for individual cups of tea, like they did before tea bags were developed) and there was nothing to stop me from finding that tea ball. Oh well, so is life and hopefully I learn from that.

I realize the purpose of the post is to post what you found at the library for the week, but it does some what relate to a library pickup, as I did do a library pickup before going to the mall.


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