I was at a movie late last night and while I was waiting for the movie, I had to turn my book so that I could read the words on the page. It was really annoying.  And it got me thinking as to possibly getting an ebook.

The features that I want to have are:
• accesibility to downloadable ebooks from an electronic library.
• access to purchase books through ChaptersIndigo.ca (Canada's bookstore chain)
• some sort of backlight that I could turn on and off as I need it
• a reasonable cost for the device
• ability to puchase multiple ebooks at once

Is there anything out there that would allow me to have those sorts of features?


I have a Kindle (which I LOVE) and one of the reasons I chose to get a Kindle was specifically because it does not have a backlight. Its actaully very bad for your eyes to read with that backlight. I have a tiny book light that clips on to my Kindle Case, it was like 4 bucks and it works great. If you do get an e-reader, this is the one I would suggest, the price has dropped by half since last Christmas. I absolutely love mine. I love that it reads to me, because I have a long commute to work, so I get an hour plus of reading done in the car. There are also a lot of ebook review services (such as my favorite, Net Galley.com) that are made easier by having a Kindle :) As a little sidenote, my mother in law has an iPad and I do not recommend it if your sole reason for getting one is for ereading, it isn't cost effective, is damaging to your eyes and it's bulky. It is fun to play games on though :)

-Kate the Book Buff
Anonymous said…
I love my Kindle! You'd have to buy all your books from Amazon though. No backlight but the new cover has an awesome built in light, so much better than a clip on because it runs on the kindle battery, tucks neatly away, and provides the perfect amount of light.

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