Sunday Salon - What a few days

What a few days of reading and I feel slightly bagged and like I don't want to pick up a book at the moment, but sadly, I have too.  I know some of you are saying what, you don't want to pick up a book for a few days?  Its sad but true, but even though I do love to read, there are just times that I want to pull myself away from reading my books, especially when I have been intensely reading over a few days.  And such is a time, but at the same time I really can't pull myself from my books, as one of the books that I am reading I need to get done for my Saturday book club (I am leading the discussion), another book I need to get done for the Classics Club spin for the 1st, and other I need to read for a readalong.  Part of the reason that I am "booked" out is because within a 24 hour period I read a large portion of The Gods of Heavenly Punishment, which I had to return because I was unable to renew the book.  And last night I read The Help for over the course of a few hours and maybe I'll just take the morning and do some reading during the afternoon and evening hours today.

Overall it was a pretty good reading week and I hope that this week is just as successful, if not more so.


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