Right Now I Am...

After a fairly busy day, its really my first time sitting down and I am feeling like I need to say something...

Listening to... a variety podcasts.  There are a few podcasts that are from LibriVox of the classics that I am currently reading and managed to get a few of them down this past weekend.  I am also listening to a podcast on World War II, a podcast on the history of the English language, a couple on British history, one on World War I (its a project through the Imperial War Museum),  and a few on books/reading, including Books on the Nightstand (a really good podcast by Ann and Michael) and the New York Times Book Review and so forth.

Eating...  Right now nothing. I just a wonderful meal that included pull pork (it was so good).  I made a Spinach Strawberry Salad with a homemade dressing.

Watching... At the moment I am watching The National, but I have been watching a number of TV shows on DVD over the past week (including The Bletchley Circle and Upstairs Downstairs) and the odd movie (Lincoln) and also shows that I have recorded on my PVR that for some reason I had gotten behind on.  I watched Mad Men late last night and I was floored by what happened (I don't think my jaw has recovered yet by what came out of Don's mouth on last night's season finale; hard to believe that there is only one season left of this amazing show).

Reading... I am reading a few things and at the moment I feel utterly overwhelmed by the amount that I am reading at the moment.  I am hoping that in the next few days I can get something done.

Making... Do messes count? Because other than making a dressing the other day, I haven't really made anything; not exactly the crafty type

Planning... what the first few days are probably going to look like after the school year ends for me. It probably will consist of reading and catching up on sleep and watching stuff on my PVR.

Feeling... tired.  While I like my job and love the students that come through the library door, there is time when I need to sleep in and rejuvenate myself.

Loving... that summer break is right around the corner and that the alarms on my cell phone will basically go off for the next two months.

Wanting...  A decent night's sleep.  The last couple of nights I have been waking up in the middle of the night and I also just want to go to sleep at a decent hour.

Thinking... that I want some sleep!!

Looking forward to... A lot of things!   I am looking forward to having a night out at nearby Mexican restaurant.  I am also looking forward to going to Bard on the Beach and a Seattle Mariners game in the coming weeks.  As well, I am looking forward to heading up to Sun Peaks and just relaxing for a few weeks.


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