What's On Your Nightstand (May 28)

I suppose being about a day late with this is better than not doing it. So here I go.

Since I last posted about 2 months ago, I have finished Crime & PunishmentThe Chaperone, and The Whole Truth, but have yet to write my review on The Whole Truth, in addition to one other book I finished recently.

I quit reading The Accursed because I just felt that it was getting too ridiculous and couldn't really make sense of what was going on.  Since I last posted for this meme, I finished some other books and actually really enjoyed them.

I am still reading War & Peace for a readalong and have started reading Villette and Moby Dick and am about to start Wives and Daughters.  I know that I am reading quite a bit of classic stuff, but am reading contemporary material as well and am hoping that the next few days that I will be able to get them started as well.

Till next month.


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