Sunday Salon - Currently (May 5)

Time //  10:36  a.m.
Place // On the couch
Eating //  Nothing at the moment
Drinking // Lukewarm coffee.
Reading // Nothing at the moment, but I am planning on reading The Help and The Whole Truth at some point today.
Watching // The second episode of Bletchley Circle (my recording of last week's episode is just finishing up)
Listening // I have been listening to a bunch of podcasts this week and to the audio of The Help.
Blogging // A couple of book reviews (Crime and Punishment and The Prince) and a couple of meme posts
Promoting // Nothing
Writing // Just some blog posts.
Researching // Nothing.
Hating // The cigarette smoke drifting into my apartment due to my windows.
Avoiding // Chores in general.
Anticipating // Coffee with a friend this evening.


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