#ArmchairBEA 2013 - Genre: Classics

Classics have always appealed to me, no matter what sort of reading phase I am going through.  I suppose one reason that I have always been appealed to them is because no matter whether you do like the book or you don't like the book, you always do know that in general they are going to be pretty well written and that while there might be mistakes, they will usually be so minor that most readers won't notice them.  I also like classics because they are pretty readable.  They don't overuse language.  What I mean by that is that these authors always have some reason for what they are trying to say and that their message is pretty straightforward.  Okay some authors don't have a clear message, but as one thinks about what you have read, you can extract some sort of meaning from it. The final reason that I enjoy classics because the first novel that I fell in love with was a classic and no matter how many times I read Jane Eyre, I can always turn to it with fairly fresh eyes.


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