Sunday Salon - I needed a break

For those of you that follow this blog on a regular basis, you know that I took a break from my blogging duties this past week.  It wasn't that I had planned on taking the break, it just sort of happened.  And as I reflect on this, it was kind of nice.

I think as bloggers we feel some sort of responsibility of making sure that we update our blogs on a regular basis and that we should keep our readers informed as much as possible, but I also think that we as bloggers need to take time to get ourselves recharged as well.

For me the break just kinda happened; didn't plan on it at all and the reason that I did that was because I was watching season 1 of Boardwalk Empire and ignored my reading most of the week.  I was also tired and probably just needed a break.  I hope to be blogging regularly this coming week.

No reviews this week.


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