Sunday Salon - For those wondering...

Some of you are probably wondering why I have finished some books but I haven't written the reviews for those two books.  There are several reasons for that.

The first reason is that I have been quite busy with things in the evenings and those have been my primary focus and by the time I remember it, I am usually some place else and by the time I am home, I have forgotten or I am tired.

The second reason is that I am really trying to get Les Miserables completed by the time Christmas Vacation starts.  And I have also been reading Mockingjay by Susanne Collins.

The third reason is that I have been tired.  I have been reading late for the past couple of weeks and therefore my afternoons turn into a nap session, if I am not busy with something else or my mind is occupied with thoughts running through my head.

I don't know when I will have the reviews for my last two books up or the next two up, but they will be up by the end of this year, if I remember to post them.  And I will try to make sure that I do get them all up by the end of next week.

In other news, at the time of this post I am about 85% of the way through Les Miserables and that I have started Volume 5 - Jean Valjean (and yes I am reading the unabridged version of the book).  I am hoping to get it done early this week.  If you follow me on my personal accounts on either twitter or Facebook, you will know when it happens.

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday :)

12:05 am: Just realized that one of the two books that I had last read did get a review from me.  Oh well.


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