Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins

Title: Mockingjay
Author: Suzanne Collins
File Size (Pages): 860 KB (288 pages)
Published: 2010
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia
Challenges: None
Edition: E-book
Source: Personal

Description: Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But now that she's made it out of the bloody arena alive, she's still not safe. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge. Who do they think should pay for the unrest? Katniss. And what's worse, President Snow has made it clear that no one else is safe either. Not Katniss's family, not her friends, not the people of District 12. (via

Thoughts:  I personally didn't like this as much as the other two books in the series and I personally thought that it was not as strong as the first two.  I think part of the reason was that the first two books had the games as the central thing that happened and I felt that Collins wrote the book just to wrap up the series too quickly and that she didn't really give what the readers got in the first two books.  I also felt that Gabe was sort of shunted to the side and no notion of what happened to him.  True I understand that the story centered on Katniss and Peeta, but really no mention of what happened to Gabe?  The final chapter seemed to be a bit rushed and as though she wanted to just wrap up the story with the final chapter of the book.

Bottom line:  Read this book if you have read the first two in the series, otherwise you are going to be lost as to what is going on.

Rating:  3.5/5

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