Spring Reading Thing 2012: Reading List

Its that time of year again and its Spring, well at least in the Northern Hemisphere.  I have been looking forward to this for a few weeks after it had been announced by Katrina by Callapidder Days.  Its pretty simple.  All you need to do is make a list of books that you want to read (or finish), make a blog post with that list, submit that post on the Mr. Linky on Katrina's site (Callapidder Days), and start reading.

The challenge runs from March 20th until June 19th.  Along with the Mr. Linky,  Katrina has more information on Spring Reading Thing on her site.

Here is my list:
• Les Miserables
• Anna Karenina
• Forever Amber
• Henry V
• Romeo & Juliet
The Hound of the Baskervilles
The Hunger Games
• History of a Pleasure Seeker
• Waiting for Columbus
• Much Ado About Nothing
• Antony and Cleopatra
• Richard III
• Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
• Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
• Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
• The Poisonwood Bible


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