Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Discussion questions

The Reading Fever is hosting a year-long readalong of the Harry Potter series.   Here are the discussion questions for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

1.  What is your favourite line from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?  I didn't really have one.

2. If the Knight Bus hadn't been summoned when it was, what might have happened? Would Harry have believed Sirius if he had introduced himself?   I think Harry's uncle would have come after him and he may have been dragged back to the Dursely's or maybe Harry would have been introduced to Sirius.
I don't know; knowing Harry, he would have run off trying to get away from Sirius or he would have yelled at him for killing Harry's parents.

3. In this book, Voldemort doesn't play a major part. What do you think the purpose of this was? Do you think it was for the better, or worse?I think the reason that J.K. Rowling did this was to introduce the forces that were working for Voldemort and also to introduce the Dementors, which end up playing a larger role in the fifth book.  I think this was for the better because it introduced the readers an element that is going to be important in later books.

4. Why do you think Professor McGonagall gave Hermione the time-turner? Was it to allow her to learn a lesson, or do you believe she thought Hermione could handle taking so many classes?  I think she gave it to Hermione because she thought that she could handle it better than others, but I think it was to also teach her lesson as well as thinking that Hermione could handle so many classes.

5. What do you think Hermione learned from trying to do too many things at once? What did YOU learn about her character after learning about all the classes she was taking?  That she really can't do everything and that sometimes her judgement isn't the best.  I don't think I really learned anything from Hermione.

6. What is one emotion you felt strongly, while reading this book?  I felt a feeling of fun and enjoyment.

7. Is there something that bothered you about this book? Why?  I wasn't really bothered with anything with the book.

8. What important relationships did Harry form in this book, and why are they important?  The important relationships that Harry form in this book were those with Lupin and Pettigrew.  They are important because they established which one was going to support and guide Harry.

9. Just for fun: What part of the book made you laugh the most? If you've read it before, does it still make you laugh?  I don't know if there was just one moment in the book; it just felt like a fun book and there were many moments that made me smile.  It doesn't make me laugh as much as it did the first time, but I still enjoyed it.


Jenni Elyse said…
Thanks for stopping by. Your answers are interesting.
Great answers! I agree with you, especially on that last one. There were so many parts that were just so funny!

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