Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother - Amy Chua

Title: Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother
Author: Amy Chua
File Size (Pages): 1306 KB (195 pages)
Published: 2011
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Genre: Non-fiction, Memoir
Edition: E-book
Source: Library

Description: An awe-inspiring, often hilarious, and unerringly honest story of one mother's exercising in extreme parenting, revealing the rewards - and the costs - of raising her daughters the Chinese way. (via

Thoughts: I read this book because I had heard quite about the book during the course of the last calendar year and thought it might be interesting to read.  And it was.   While I don't agree with Ms. Chua's manner in which she has raised her daughters, it clearly prove effective with one of her daughters, but not the younger one.  While she comes as harsh, she does realize that her style of parenting was starting to alienate her youngest daughter  And while I understand that this her story of parenting, I want to know her husband's point of view on her style and am curious to see how he was effected by this sort of parenting, as it seems that Jed, her husband, was clearly not involved a lot, at least from her point of view.  One of the most effective chapters was when she was starting to realize that her style of parenting was starting to really effect her relationship with her daughter Lulu and started to lay off a bit.  I think she could have used the best of the Chinese way and the best of the western way of parenting and not have to readjust her style, at least for one of them.

Bottom line: Its a fairly quick and easy read and something that could be finished within a weekend.  While I am not a parent, I can understand the challenges that parents face, but I can also understand one doesn't need to be heavy-handed to be an effective parent and also you need to understand that each child needs to be parent differently (what works well for one, may not for other children).

Rating: 3.5/5

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