Booking Through Thursday - More!

Its been about a month since my last BTT post, but I figure no time like the present to pick it up again.  This week, Booking Through Thursday asks:

Which non-series book would you most like to read the sequel to? Do you have any wishes for what might happen in it?

I would really like a sequel to Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly and to see if Andi would then go to the Napoleonic era and see where that takes her.


Boriquaz said…
I just finished reading the description of Revolution, sounds like a really great book. I like it when books find diaries and you experience life through them. Here's my BTT.
Gigi Ann said…
I'm not familiar with this book, but it sounds like you enjoyed it.
It sounds like a good read.
Erica Nicholas said…
I haven't read this one either, but it might be worth looking into! Here's my BTT.
Faith said…
Just read the summary on GoodReads and this book looks awesome!! I need to find it locally.

Here's my BTT:
I haven't read that one. But, in general I'm happy with stand-alone books.
Danielle K. said…
Oh, that's a great choice! I really enjoyed that book, I wish it got more attention.

Here's my BTT post:

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