Sunday Salon - What I have read this summer

The simple answer to what I have read this summer is basically not very much.  Partly this has to do with the weather that Southern BC has had since the middle of June, but it also is due to the fact that I have become so addicted to my Facebook apps, especially Cafe World and Frontierville, and I have been in a DVD series frenzy since the beginning of June.  So far I have gone through Bones, Big Bang Theory, Grey's and most of Mad Men.  I have spent days literally not reading anything and going bug eyed as a result.  The last two weeks of July were crazy, as I was not really in a mood to read anything, until last Friday, where I had nothing but a book to keep me entertained.  It was sort of weird as I suddenly got the reading bug and have now been able to sit down and read a book basically beginning to end in about a day.  This is a rare feat for me on any day, but for some reason the fact that I have a book due back to the library is a very helpful aid in getting the book done.

This is to say that my reading plans for the summer have basically gone out the window, as they usually do, and have ended up reading things that I didn't exactly expect to.  Hope you all have a great Sunday doing whatever you do.


So...nothing? Or nothing worth posting? ;->

Here's my Sunday Salon for this week: Sunday Salon: New York! New York! Don't forget about my August Giveaway. I'll be giving away a lovely hardback of Dash & Lily's Book of Dares!
This past week has not been productive in terms of reading...or writing.

But I've been having some fun....


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