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The question for this week is: If you could write yourself a part in a book, what would it be and what role would you play in that book?

Honestly I really don't know what it would be but probably would be something quirky and funny, if I could write myself that way and the role that I would play is probably the main character.

Book Blogger Hop

Crazy for Books asks this week: What's the Longest book you've ever read?

The longest book that I have read was Gone with the Wind. 


Howard Sherman said…
Most people would guess I’d write myself in the role of a hero in a fictional adventure of some kind. But that would be only partially correct. As is my norm, I throw a curve ball in my answer that makes perfect sense one you follow my logic. Follow me back to my blog at and follow along the logic with me!

Howard Sherman
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Elizabeth said…

Loved GONE WITH THE WIND...a lot of folks have mentioned it.

Stop by my blog if you like to see my LONG book.


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