Bout of Books Read-a-thon: Final update

Well to sum it up, it was complete disaster.  After quitting on Wednesday when I felt completely hopeless, I picked it up again on Thursday and read from The Winter Rose for the next three days.  And then Sunday hit and I didn't pick up my book.  Honestly I was tired and all I wanted to do was to beat the slight heat wave that happened on the weekend.  I didn't read anything on Sunday, unless you count some Bones fan-fic that I read on Sunday evening.  I am really at the end of the rope, as I want summer done with and I really want to get back to work.  I realize that part of my problem was that I set out with a too ambitious plan, but with the books that I had chosen I thought that it wouldn't be too difficult.  Maybe I should have chosen 3 books instead of 6...


I participated in one read-a-thon about 2 years ago, and decided it just wasn't for me --too much pressure. Don't feel bad!
Melissa Wiebe said…
Oh I don't feel bad; it was just one of those weeks in which not much was read is all.

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