Sunday Salon - A better week

The last seven days have been better; seems the nerves quieted down enough for me to get a bunch of reading done.  Of course what happened last Sunday didn't help things, but for some reason it was catharsis to help me sit down and read more than I had the previous three weeks (lets just say I ended up in the psych ward at my local hospital and yes, I was fine and went home within the hour; trust me on that).

I suppose it also helped that two of the books had to be returned to the library and the other one was close to finishing, but nonetheless, I finished three books, which for me is huge.  If you wish to read the reviews, I have provided the links to the reviews.  If you can, could you provide some advice as to how I can write better reviews; I feel something is lacking in the reviews.

This weeks reviews:
1. A Love to Last Forever
2. The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady
3. A Great and Terrible Beauty


Glad to hear that you are having a better week Melissa. Hope you find more good books as well.

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