What's on Your Nightstand

Saw this come through my email this afternoon and I thought that I would give this a try.

I didn't finish anything this month, as I know that the Canucks playoff run has taken a huge portion of my time, but I have been reading off and on throughout the month.  I also know that it is due to the fact that I am reading multiple books at once, which I realize is a stupid habit, but I can do it, especially when the books are very different in their tone, etc.

So if you must know what is on my nightstand that I am reading, they are:
• Outlander - this book finally grabbed me at around the 250 page mark and the book just seems to be going by really quickly right now

• A Love to Last Forever - my easy read.  I realize that I have known disdain for Christian romance fiction, but it is so addicting that I can't help but read the genre.  Also Tracie Peterson is a pretty good writer and I have like some of her books in the past.

• War & Peace - my year-long read.  The book can be a little dull at times and I am going through that section right now.

• The Book of Negroes - If the title isn't familiar to you, you may have seen it with the title Someone Knows my Name, especially if you live in the US, NZ, and Australia (Canada and the UK have it published under the original title).  I have had this book for about 2 years and had yet to crack it open and once I get a stretch going in this book, I can get a huge chunk done.  While it may seem that its a quick and easy read, its actually more engrossing than anything and that's why I can read 30-40 pages at a time of this book.

As for what I am going to read this coming month, I really have no clue.  I probably will continue with the same books and probably start The Book Thief.


bekahcubed said…
Wow! I'm impressed that you kept going through 250 pages before Outlander grabbed you. I think I woulda given up if it hadn't grabbed me by at least 100 pages in.

I'm a multiple-book-at-a-time reader myself, and I don't see anything wrong with it.
Cassandra said…
There's a 24 hour readathon??? Sounds like a lot of fun!

I have a love/hate relationship with Christian romance fiction as well. ;) I'm trying to wean myself off of it, but it's hard!

Happy June reading!
Jennifer said…
I applaud you for tackling War & Peace, and I hope you will be able to conquer it! It's on a list of mine of books that I want to read...eventually. I recently talked to someone who had just finished it and for some reason was just envious over the fact that reading the book gives one some pretty hefty bragging rights. It looks like a tough one, though!

I'm not sure what I think of Christian romance either; they are pretty addicting! I'm pretty good about swapping genres for diversity's sake, so I don't read them terribly often.

Happy reading!

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