Fall into Reading 2011 - Wrap-Up post

Wow, I can't believe that this completed; it doesn't seem like it was 3 months ago this started, as so much has happened in the meantime.

I managed to finish 7 of the books that were on my initial post back on Sept. 23 and feel quite proud of myself that I got that many completed.

My favourite book that I read during the fall, that wasn't a reread, was Frankenstein, which was on TBR list.  And the least favourite was The Christmas Wedding.  The reason that I chose these two was because Frankenstein was complete revelation to me and totally exceeded what I expected the book to be and found it to be very relevant to our modern society as well and insightful to the things that Humans create, especially when it comes to computers and other things that come to rule our lives.  The reason that The Christmas Wedding was my least favourite because I found the story very simple and not exactly thought provoking and found that Gaby was a very selfish individual, which was in contrast to her children, who didn't really seem to be as selfish and really much more grounded than she was.

My favourite thing about the challenge was the length of the challenge.  Whereas many of the challenges/readathons seem to be either constrained by what one can read or by time, this one seemed relaxed and not really concerned with what I am reading.

Hope to see the challenge either in the Spring or in the Fall!  Merry Christmas everybody!


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