Thursday, December 15, 2011

Follow Friday (Dec. 16)

Follow Friday asks this week:

Q: When you’ve read a book, what do you do with it? (Keep it, give it away, donate it, sell it, swap it..?)

I assume you mean one of the books that I own, so if that were being the case, I mostly keep my books, depending on the book.  I have swapped a few of my books and I have also donated some of my books and have sold some of them, but mostly I keep them, even the double copies of books I currently own. 


Chey said...

I like to keep mine too. I do have a handful of double copies but those I do want to give away as soon as I have the money to. I think the only double copies I'd keep are if they have any special value.

Sarah Brown said...

I keep all of mine as well although I'm quickly running out of room, here's mine

Rachel Brooks said...

If I end up with double copies of a book, I give away the extra one.

Here is my Follow Friday post

Old follower =)

Tribute Books Mama said...

I like to keep the ones I really liked.

Books For All Seasons said...

I tend to buy most of the books and keep them in my room. I hardly give them away or donate or sell them to the bookstore. Thank you for sharing it!

Books For All Seasons

Giselle said...

If I bother buying a book I will definitely be keeping it!

Xpresso Reads

aparajita said...

nice answer

Old follower
Aparajita @Le' Grande COdex

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